Data, entity, event, and relationship extraction
Data extraction, integration and cleaning
Discovery-driven Web and social network mining
Geo and location data analysis
Knowledge acquisition and automatic construction of knowledge bases
Large-scale graph analysis
Modeling trustworthiness and reliability of online information
Multimodal data mining
NLP for Web mining
Online and streaming algorithms for Web data
Opinion mining and sentiment analysis
Web traffic and log analysis
Web measurements, web evolution and web models
Web recommender systems and algorithms
Mobile Mining
Neural architectures for Web search and mining
Web search and data mining under privacy constraints
Social Search, Mining and Other Applications
Personal assistants, dialogue models, and conversational interaction
Collaborative search and question answering
Social network dynamics
Human computation and crowdsourcing
Influence and viral marketing in social networks
Instant messaging and social networks
Link prediction and community detection
Location-based social networks
Searching and mining crowd-generated data and collaboratively generated content
Sampling, experiments, and evaluation in social networks
Social media analysis: blogs and friendship networks
Social network analysis, theories, models and applications
Social reputation, influence, and trust
Social tagging
User activity modeling and exploitation
Interpretable models of individual and social behavior


AI and the Web
AIW: AI for Data Analytics
AIW: AI for Multimedia and Multimodal Web Applications
AIW: AI for Web Services: Semantic Descriptions, Planning, Matching, and Coordination
AIW: AI for Web-Based Collaboration and Cooperation
AIW: Crowdsourcing Techniques and Methodologies
AIW: Enhancing Web Search and Information Retrieval
AIW: Exploiting Linked Open Data
AIW: Human Language Technologies for Web Systems, Including Text Summarization and Machine Translation
AIW: Intelligent User Interfaces for Web Systems
AIW: Knowledge Acquisition from the Web
AIW: Languages, Tools, and Methodologies for Representing, Managing, and Visualizing Semantic Web Data
AIW: Ontologies and the Web: Creation, Extraction, Evolution, Mapping, Merging, and Alignment; Tags and Folksonomies
AIW: Question Answering on the Web
AIW: Recognizing Web Spam Such as Link Farms and Splogs
AIW: Representing, Reasoning, and Using Provenance, Trust, Privacy, and Security on the Web
AIW: Searching, Querying, Visualizing, and Interpreting the Semantic Web
AIW: Social Networking and Community Identification
AIW: Web Personalization and User Modeling
AIW: Web-Based Opinion Extraction and Trend Spotting
AIW: Web-Based Recommendation Systems

AI for Social Impact
AISI: Natural Sciences
AISI: Art and Music
AISI: Biomedical/Bioinformatics/Medicine
AISI: Computational Social Science
AISI: Education
AISI: Economic/Financial
AISI: Energy
AISI: Environmental
AISI: Humanities
AISI: Marketing
AISI: Mobility
AISI: Networks and Social Networks
AISI: Philosophical and Ethical Issues
AISI: Security and Privacy
AISI: Transportation
AISI: Other Social Impact

APP: Natural Sciences
APP: Art and Music
APP: Biomedical/Bioinformatics/Medicine
APP: Computational Social Science
APP: Computer-Aided Education
APP: Economic/Financial
APP: Energy
APP: Entertainment
APP: Environmental
APP: Game Playing
APP: Humanities
APP: Intelligent User Interfaces
APP: Marketing
APP: Mobility
APP: Networks
APP: Philosophical and Ethical Issues
APP: Security and Privacy
APP: Social Networks
APP: Transportation
APP: Web
APP: Other Applications

CS: Social Cognition And Interaction

Machine Learning
ML: Active Learning
ML: Adversarial Learning, Robustness, and Uncertainty Quantification
ML: Bayesian Learning
ML: Causal Learning
ML: Classification and Regression
ML: Clustering
ML: Data Mining
ML: Deep Learning/Neural Networks
ML: Dimensionality Reduction/Feature Selection
ML: Ensemble Methods
ML: Evaluation and Analysis (Machine Learning)
ML: Evolutionary Learning
ML: Feature Construction/Reformulation
ML: Interpretable Machine Learning
ML: Kernel Methods
ML: Learning Preferences or Rankings
ML: Learning Theory
ML: Machine Learning (General)
ML: Multi-instance/Multi-label/Multi-view learning
ML: Online Learning
ML: Probabilistic Graphical Model
ML: Recommender Systems
ML: Reinforcement Learning
ML: Relational Learning
ML: Self-Supervised Learning
ML: Semi-Supervised Learning
ML: Structured Prediction
ML: Supervised Learning (Other)
ML: Time-Series/Data Streams
ML: Transfer/Adaptation/Multi-task Learning
ML: Unsupervised Learning (Other)

NLP: Discourse and Dialogue
NLP: Information Extraction
NLP: Ontology Induction
NLP: Question Answering
NLP: Semantics and Summarization
NLP: Speech Processing
NLP: Text Classification
NLP: Natural Language Processing (General/Other)